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Video Shopping for Personalized Christmas Stockings

Sunday, August 7th, 2011


Video Shopping is probably the next best thing to seeing the product in person.  Shopping for Personalized Christmas Stockings is challenging enough.


First challenge is to find a store that has the right kind of Christmas Stocking that fit your holiday decor.

Most Christmas Stocking retailers do not embroider or personalize the Christmas Stockings so you might need to take your stockings to a specialty embroidery shop just to be told they do not embroider on items not bought in their store.

If you do ultimately find a merchant that carries Christmas stockings you like and embroiders personalized names or initials on the stockings they carry, it will probably be a specialty online store half way across the country or continent. So you are left with online shopping alternative.

There is a challenge to online shopping though:

Viewing those product pictures on your monitor….. the thought:
“I am hoping the Christmas stockings will turn out the same way they look online when I receive them…”
…..probably crossed your mind.

So we at Stocking Factory came up with a solution that will further enhance our shopper’s experience, adding a raw video of each Christmas stocking we personalize. It’s almost like being in our showroom and having the Christmas stocking in your hand.  We aim to set up the shopping video featuring each individual Christmas Stocking, including what it’s inside looks like.

We are concerned about the shopping pages loading fast so currently our videos are compressed as much as possible to make them buffer and play as fast as possible.  We know that once you start seriously Christmas Shopping, time is of an essence!

We hope you will enjoy the videos.  You can sample one of the product shopping videos here and then please check out our selection of Christmas Stockings.  We have over 100 different designs in stock and you will see videos added to each and every one of them as we produce them and deploy through our own YouTube Channels.


Visit our stores at : http://www.centrinet.com/christmas or our Yahoo store at http://www.stockingfactory.com and if you need help or have any questions feel free to call our friendly customer service at 800-761-XMAS

How to care for your Personalized Christmas Stockings – Stocking Storage

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

At the end of the Christmas season it’s time to put your personalized Christmas Stockings away for the year.  The goal is to store them so when you take them out next Christmas season they would look like new and fresh as if you just bought them.  If your Christmas stockings have any stains or dirt on them, first clean them.  Use our recommended dry cleaning methods.

It is a good idea to protect your personalized Christmas stockings with plastic or paper that does not let any moisture through.  The main reason for protecting your Christmas stockings with waterproof material is that if the Christmas stocking gets moisture in it, it’s colors may run.  For example if the stocking is white and red, the white part of your Christmas stockings may acquire a red shade if it is stored against the red material. So it is better to be safe and place the stocking into a plastic bag or at least place pieces of paper between your stockings when you store them.

You want to store your personalized Christmas stockings as flat as possible so they do not wrinkle.  Placing a sheets of paper between them make a good buffer.  You can also place your Christmas stockings in zig-zag fashion so the stocking cuffs that are usually thicker are on top of  the foot of the stocking under or bellow it because than the whole storage is more balanced.

In general it is a good idea to store your Christmas stockings in a dry place away from any dust, dirt or other elements, such as mice or insects.

You can also place something that has a nice scent with your Christmas stockings and tree skirts and other Christmas decorations so when you take them out 11 months later, they will come out not only looking brand new but also smelling great!

If you take good care of your personalized Christmas stockings, you will get to enjoy them for many years and holiday seasons to come.  Usually personalized Christmas stockings have a heirloom quality so it is important that you take a few steps to protect them and store them with care.

If you have any questions or need help please use one of the links above to visit us at our website or call us toll free in USA 800-761-XMAS

How to get wrinkles out of your Personalized Christmas Stockings

Thursday, August 4th, 2011
Personalized Christmas Stockings

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Your personalized Christmas stockings are most likely made from delicate materials such as velvet, organza, chiffon, satin, or other materials.  Since you cannot always be sure if the materials are synthetic or natural fiber,  the best way to press your Christmas stockings is to treat them as if they were made from the most delicate materials.

There is a special trick to get even the most delicate fabrics pressed.  It is quite simple.  Take a spray bottle and fill it with water.  Lightly spray the Christmas stocking with water so it it damp.  Find a cotton pillowcase.  Place the cotton pillowcase over the Christmas stocking.  Then set your iron for cotton temperature.  You can then iron the stocking.   The cotton pillowcase protects the finer materials that may be sensitive to higher temperatures from burning.  Also the fact that the stockings are dampened with water creates the steam, which in turn lowers the temperature while making the stockings flat.  If you are unsure if this method works safely, you should test it on the least conspicuous are of the stocking – for example the back side of your Christmas stocking may be suitable.


Iron press personalized Christmas stockings

Iron press personalized Christmas stockings

Another clever way to get your Christmas stockings pressed is to hang them in the bathroom when you are raking a hot shower.  This steams the stocking fabrics by infusing them with moisture.  Sometimes that process alone straightens out any wrinkles in the stocking and it may be enough for the stocking to look good.   If after the steaming process in the shower your Christmas stocking still needs more to look perfectly pressed and you do not want to use the iron and pillow case method, you may simply weigh the stocking with something heavy.  Place the stocking on a bed or table with a flat surface.  Put a pillowcase or a blanket or a sheet over your stocking.  Then place something heavy on top of the Christmas stocking.  For example you can use a big book or a box evenly loaded with heavy items.  The weight will dry press your stocking without damaging it’s materials.

How To Safely Clean your Personalized Christmas Stockings

Thursday, August 4th, 2011


How to Clean your Christmas Stockings

How to Clean your Christmas Stockings

When you purchase personalized Christmas stockings for the whole family, they usually represent a significant portion of your Christmas decorating budget.  Since most Christmas stockings are personalized by embroidery process, they also have a sentimental value.  Most people want to hold on to their personalized stocking for many years to come.  If one Christmas stocking gets damaged or soiled, it is usually difficult to replace it because the specific store where you have purchased it no longer carriers it.  Christmas stores usually update and change their inventory of Christmas stockings every year so most likely you may not be able to find the exactly same Christmas stocking and have it personalized to replace the one lost or damaged.


Here are some useful care tips make your Christmas stockings last for many years:

The safest method to clean your stockings if they get dirty is to have them dry cleaned.  Our personalized Christmas stockings are usually made from delicate materials and fabrics so putting the stockings through a normal wash may damage them or ruin their colors as one fabric color may run into another.

If you do not have a dry cleaner in your area, you may want to try home dry cleaning methods.

There are dry cleaning spays and solutions available at your local supermarket.  One such dry cleaning method we found very effective is using Oxy Clean spray.

Fist test an area on the back side of your Christmas stocking, spray it and dab or rub with a white face cloth and let dry.  If the material of your Christmas stocking survived the test without any damage, then you can use the solution on front area of your Christmas stockings, which actually needs cleaning.

Matching Christmas stockings as your family grows

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

We get lots of calls from customers who previously purchased our personalized Christmas stockings during previous seasons, looking for the same Christmas stocking, wanting to add one or two more.  Often a customer cannot find the matching Christmas stocking because we no longer have it in stock.

I looked around the web and retail stores and could not find a single vendor who would provide an information on the availability of the stocking they currently sell for the future years.  So here we go, we are the first Christmas stocking shop to address this very valid customer need for this important information.

Most Christmas stocking retailers do not manufacture their own inventory and thus are dependent  on the manufacturer for their next holiday season inventory.  If you plan to buy a set of Christmas stockings anywhere, ask the sales person if they will have the same stocking next year.  Most likely the answer would be: “I don’t know” or “Probably not”.  Perhaps you have already gone through an effort to try to find a same stocking your bought 3 years ago and most likely could not find it at the same retailer.

Matching personalized Christmas stockings.

Matching personalized Christmas stockings.

That’s where we are different.  One of the reasons we begun to manufacture our own stockings was the need to provide our customers with the same or similar personalized Christmas stocking they bought from us few years back.  It just makes sense when you care about your customers.

When you spend a part of your Christmas decorating budget on purchasing Christmas stockings, have them personalized, it is a good idea to think ahead :

  • Is your family going to grow in the next few years?
  • Are you planning to have another child?
  • Is your daughter or son going to get engaged or married?
  • Will your family members visit you for Christmas; and if so, do you want to add a Christmas stocking with their name on it?
  • Are your parents or grandparents visiting for Christmas?  Having a personalized Christmas stocking for them might be an unexpected and welcome surprise.  Finding a stocking that would match the set you already have might prove a challenge.

Those are the situations we most often hear about from our customers, when they call in looking to match a Christmas stocking they previously purchased in our online store.

Considering that your family might grow in the near future will save you lots of effort trying to find and match the Christmas stocking set that you already have.

We have many different Christmas stocking designs in our store: some we manufacture or have manufactured for us every year so there is a good chance that you will be able to buy a set of personalized Christmas stockings in that design this year and find a matching one 3 years from now.  Other stockings are sourced by us from other vendors and factories.  In that situation, we do not have control if the supplier will carry the same Christmas stocking design into the next season.  There are many reasons for the particular Christmas stocking design not being available the following year:

  • All Christmas manufacturers follow new trends in Christmas decorating and introduce new styles for their products.   With a new style introduction, previous years’ models get retired.
  • The materials and fabrics that were available previous season to the Christmas manufacturer may not be available this year, thus the factory is forced to change the existing design.
  • That particular design did not sell as many units as other designs so it is being replaced by another Christmas stocking that sells better.

We have a mix of Christmas stocking designs that change from one season to another and also maintain designs that remain relatively same so our customers can match the stockings from previous seasons.  Sometimes, however, the fabric suppplier no longer manufactures the exactly same color shade or composition of the material used in the manufacturing of the Christmas stocking, so in spite of our effort to maintain the same stocking design for our customers, we are left with no choice  but to accept a design that is similar but not identical to the previous seasons’ stockings.

Starting in August 2009 we will enhance our online catalog displaying all of our stockings with additional information that will provide you with the likelyhood of our maintaining the same design/model of the Christmas stocking into the next year.    Each Christmas stocking description will contain the information if the stocking is likely to be available next year or not.  This will help you to make educated purchase decision when it comes to future planning for matching your Christmas stockings as your family grows.

Based on the Christmas stockings you like in our online catalog, you can either choose a set of the personalized Christmas stockings that match, or design “missmatched” set.

If you purchase a matching set and our product information page indicates that the likelyhood of our bringing the same stocking into inventory in the future years is low, we suggest that you might purchase extra one or more or more blank stockings from the same inventory so you can add to your set as your family grows.  We would be happy to personalize your stocking with consistent personalizing in embroidery that matches the set you already have.  Usually we ask you for the original purchase information, such as your name and address or an order number so we could locate the original order in our records and match the embroidery names with the original.  You would send us the blank stocking with a payment for personalizing only and the shipping cost for priority mail USPS and we will add personalizing to the blanks for you and ship them back promptly.  Yjos provides our customers with a nice way to keep the set of personalized Christmas stockings consistent as their family grows.

Another way of dealing with matching your Christmas stockings as your family expands is not matching them at all.  If you have a set that seemingly does not match, then you will have no problem adding a different stocking to the mix in the future holiday seasons.  If you decide for this option, you can still do some matching, for example you can choose all stockings to be same or similar size.  We mainly sell 18″, 19″, 20″ or larger Christmas stockings.   You can see a tip section on how to measure a Christmas stocking.  The 18″, 19″, 20″ Christmas stocking sizes are the most popular, because they are the perfect size for display while they fit enough of stocking stuffers.

We hope this enhancement to our online catalog will result in overall savings and better customers satisfaction.  If you have additional comments and suggestions on this topic please feel free to leave your comments in the comments area on the bottom of this page.

Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

We get a lot of requests to help our customers with ideas for Christmas Stocking stuffers.  We scout the internet year round for helpful ideas so here is a short list to help you.  Let’s start with some Christmas stocking stuffers on a budget:

  • Build up a small gift stash discovering nice items on sale year round.  If you have some room in a cabinet or extra closet space, it can become a gift stash where you accumulate small gifts bought on sale during the year.
  • Stick with generic gifts, those can come in handy when your child brings a birthday party invitation last minute and you do not have the time to go hunting for a gift.
  • Some generic gift ideas for kids may include board games, picture books, art supplies, puzzles, science kits.
  • Family members will appreciate a photo frame with their picture or a picture of your family, especially if the picture is current.  A picture frame for $3.50 on sale with a photo is one of those gifts that very goes a long way on very small cost.
  • The key is to plan ahead.
  • Don’t buy clearance items just because they are on sale.  Give it some thought.  Allocate the item to a specific person or occasion, if possible: Father’s Day, Stocking Stuffer for a Child, birthday gift for a child, office Christmas party gift exchange,… you can keep track of your categories with an inventory sheet so you do not overbuy for one area while having the other empty.  It is a good idea to keep the inventory sheet with the gifts, just tack it on the wall in the same area where you keep the gift stash.
  • How often do your kids ask you to buy them this and that which they see advertised on TV or on various websites?  If you have it in the budget, you can buy the gift now but hide it with your stash and gift it to them for an occasion such as Birthday or Christmas.
  • Add some often used items to your Christmas Stocking stuffer stash: rechargeable batteries, blank cds, memory cards,  accesory or expansion module for their favorite game or gadget.
  • If there is still space in the Christmas stocking, some candies or a favorite food that won’t spoil may fill the rest of the space.
  • Don’t forget to have the Christmas stocking personalized.  We have a nice guide how to personalize  a Christimas stocking , if you are the crafty type.  Or you can order personalized Christmas stockings from our online store.  Our stockings are personalized in beatifull embroidery.

Decorating with Christmas Stockings

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Christmas is the special time of a year when many families enjoy decorating their house to get into the spirit of the season.

christmas stockings hung on a decorative ladder
When you think Christmas Stockings, you would naturally envision them on the fireplace mantle.  Did you know that fireplace and a Christmas stocking traditions are closely related? You can read up on the history of Christmas stockings. A fireplace mantle is an ideal (and the most traditional) place to display your Christmas stockings because it is usually the focal place of your living room.  The mantle can be further decorated with garland, candles, Christmas figurines and collectibles and even a Christmas train.

Do not forget the Stocking Holders.  If you plan to place lot of stocking stuffers in your Christmas Stockings, remember the stockings will be rather heavy, so you want to get a heavy stocking holder.  If you have a light stocking holder, it will tip over as you place the stocking stuffers in the stockings.  A stocking holder also called a stocking hanger should have a nice large hook, not a tiny one.  A large hook assures the stocking will not tip over when filled with lots of heavy stocking stuffers.

But what if you do not have a fireplace?  No problem, we do not have one either.  We have giant glass door panels in our living room with a metal drapery rod to darken the room when we watch a movie.  So one of our kids invented a clever way to place our Christmas stockings on hooks spaced evenly on the courtain rod.  It looked great and it became a tradition.

Christmas stockings hung on a mantel window or a wallYou can be creative decorating with Christmas stockings even if you do not have a fireplace.

  • We have seen people placing their stocking hangers on window mantel.
  • You can also find a free standing floor stocking hanger or improvise with tower holders and hooks available in hardware stores.  You can use those items for the rest of the year in their traditional settings.
  • Find a decorative ladder available in folk art / gift / decorator stores / online. These ladders are not designed to climb on, they are rather just that: decorative ladder.  If you can find one, buy it and set it against a blank wall, then you can hang your Christmas stockings there.  If you cannot find one in local stores, you may just as well make one.  Use some twigs and wire to tie the ladder together.
  • Another cool way to place your stockings is to clear one of the wall shelves and hang your Christmas stockings on the invisible hooks right under the shelf and then decorate the shelf with other Christmas decorations, such as presents, candles, decorative boxes, Nutcrackers or Christmas village houses…. or a Christmas train.  This creates a Christmas ambiance focal point in your living room out of what used to be just a regular book or knick knack shelf.
  • Don’t forget the coat hanger!  Especially the wall mouted ones are good candidates to display your holiday stocking.
  • If you have a staircase to an upper floor, you may want to hang your Christmas stockings on the banister and decorate around them with a Christmas garlands and ribbons.
  • decorate with Christmas stockings
  • One year we placed our stuffed stockings right under the Christmas tree, just stood them up surrounding the whole tree.
  • You can also utilize your cabinet knobs.  If you have a wall unit in your living room, experiment with the look of Christmas stockings hung from it’s cabinet knobs.
  • An empty wall space may also work.  You can purchase a removable 3M wall hooks from any hardware store, they also make these hooks in many decorator colors to match your wall and color scheme.  You can hang the stockings directly on the hooks or you can create a wall theme, using a ribbon, garland branches attached to a rope or wire ribbon and then attach the stockings to it ( think clothesline setup ).
  • A dresser or a curio may be another good candidate to hang your Christmas stockings.  Use it’s knobs or place your stocking holders on top of the dresser and compliment with other Christmas decorations such as garland and ribbons.
  • Hang your Christmas stockings off top of your bookcase or a TV stand
  • Uses suction cups and hang them from your glass sliding doors or windows which looks adorable from the inside and outside
  • A  shelf with pegs works just great for this purpose.
  • You can hang the Christmas stockings from the ceiling.

With little immagination, you can turn your ordinary space into Christmas Oasis.

Christmas shopping on a budget

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

It may be more difficult for a shopper to find a large selection of Christmas stockings or Christmas ornaments this year.  It takes some planning to get your Christmas shopping done without stress and without breaking your bank.  Many major retailers are placing their holiday orders with caution now and this will probably result in a lesser selection of Christmas decorations on the market for 2009 season.  According to this article :

Factories abroad “are on edge,” said Josh Green, chief executive of Panjiva, which tracks U.S. Customs data on shipments by global suppliers to the United States. One in four major Chinese manufacturers shipped less than half as much to U.S. customers in November through January than they did a year earlier, he said.

Determined not to repeat last year’s holiday season, when retailers amassed so much stock they offered rampant discounts to clear it out, they are leaning toward more practical and lower-priced items.

And they’re cutting holiday inventory 5 percent to 10 percent from last year’s levels and perhaps 20 percent at luxury stores, said Craig R. Johnson, president of consulting group Customer Growth Partners.

Call us crazy but we are doing the exact opposite, we are ordering more Christmas items  and in larger quantities than ever to offer our personalized Christmas stockings  at the best price possible, without suffering from inventory shortages.

Early Bird gets the worm! In our store, the best selection of Christmas stockings is always between July and the end of November.  That’s when we bring in fresh inventories and are stocked well for the upcoming holiday season.  As everyone begins to shop, some of our items sell out, no matter how many we bring in – so if you see a Christmas stocking you like, grab it right away.

Christmas Shopping on a BudgetYou will see most discounts and best promotions during the off-season : from January through July.  The closer to Christmas, the busier we get and as we reach our capacity in personalizing and shipping our Christmas Stockings and Christmas Ornaments, we are not able to provide additional discounts and sales because we would not be able to keep up with the demand and ship on time.

So if you find a Christmas stocking or personalized Christmas ornament in our store during the off-season and want to save money, it is a good idea to make the purchase right away.  You will avoid the stress of Christmas rush and most likely score the best price of the season.  You are invited to preview our large selection of Christmas Stockings on Sale.

Cool tools for your Christmas shopping online

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Just strolling through the web, I accidentally stumbled onto a nice site that lets you do lot of your Christmas or any sort of shopping online and gather your shopping wish lists and ‘shopcast’.  On the first look it looks like a cool widget site and it is entirely enjoyable.

Burgundy Velvet Christmas stocking  with olive trim and tassel

Classic, elegant, custom embroidered with a name. Velvet materials, fully lined for that heirloom quality. The bling is added with a metallic gold rope trim and metallic gold thread embroidery stitch to personalize the stocking with a custom touch. (via Personalized Stockings)

The above is a little ‘shopcast’ code from the site, the site is called ThisNext and I bet it will save you time doing all your Christmas shopping this Season.

Aside from all the widgets to make your life easier, ThisNext has Watch People Shop which kept me entertained for a while… What will be next? Can I go virtually Christmas shop with a friend of mine from across the country?


How to measure a Christmas Stocking

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

how to measure christmas stockingsWe often get calls from our customers asking what is the correct way to measure their Christmas stockings at home so they can buy additional ones to match.

Take a look at the picture of these Christmas stockings here.  We pictured out 16″ and out 18″ classic Christmas stocking.

The correct way to measure your Christmas stockings is from the top right hand corner where the hanger loop is atached diagonally down across the stocking to the toe of the bootie.

So a stocking described in our store as 18″ Christmas stocking measures 18″ diagonally as outlined above and in our illustration.  This will help you choose the right size of your Christmas stockings to match those you already have.

Most popular size of Christmas Stocking:  the 19″ and the 18″ holiday stocking is our most popular size.