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Load testing our servers in preparation for Christmas Season

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Past few seasons we have added customer convenience / interaction features to our websites.

With every new interactive feature, the server that powers the website has to work harder.  The more customers on the website – the larger demand on the servers to keep up.

Sometimes we hold off on publishing some special features for a reason.  It is better to have a fast website where customers can find what they are looking for and check out quickly …who needs additional frustrations while Christmas shopping online, right?   But as internet changes, so do the demands of our clients,  who come to expect a certain level of conveniences added to their online shopping.  We usually pride ourselves on bringing the best website features to our customers!

preview-personalizing-on-christmas-stocking1Our customer can design a Christmas ornament online in our Online ornament designer: You can design ornaments from individual elements or use our Christmas ornament pre-design templates.  Our brides, for example, love to design their wedding favors ornaments online for their Christmas wedding guests.   The customers who shop for our Christmas stockings can now personalize their Christmas stocking online and preview what the personalized stocking will look like before they add it to their shopping cart.
These are really terrific features and our customers love them.

Such features add convenience and enrich your shopping experience.  We on the other hand try to make sure that our servers are able to keep up with very high demand and present these interactive features without delays in page loads.  During the Christmas season we have thousands of visitors on our websites at any given time.  So our preparations for smooth online shopping season begin early every year.

One tool we utilize is load testing on the server for .  Load testing simulates traffic of number of visitors browsing any specific page on our website at the same time.   We also run different page optimization tests, to see where we can improve our site download times so the visitors with slower internet connections would not be left out.   We intentionally employ only well established browser technologies so our visitors do not have to download additional browser plugins.  For example, our  preview  of embroidered names on Christmas stockings is coded in technology that does not require flash plugin for a browser, so customers without flash plugin can still enjoy previewing the personalization on our Christmas stockings.

Each section of our website does different task and we work dilligently to make the web site and service as fast and responsive as possible.  We hope that our customers will have a pleasant experience shopping with us.  If you are one of our customers and need help with any aspect of our site, please feel free to use the contact us section of our site, where you can find our email, address and phone numbers.  You can also post any comments and suggestions regarding our website here.

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