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How to measure a Christmas Stocking

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

how to measure christmas stockingsWe often get calls from our customers asking what is the correct way to measure their Christmas stockings at home so they can buy additional ones to match.

Take a look at the picture of these Christmas stockings here.  We pictured out 16″ and out 18″ classic Christmas stocking.

The correct way to measure your Christmas stockings is from the top right hand corner where the hanger loop is atached diagonally down across the stocking to the toe of the bootie.

So a stocking described in our store as 18″ Christmas stocking measures 18″ diagonally as outlined above and in our illustration.  This will help you choose the right size of your Christmas stockings to match those you already have.

Most popular size of Christmas Stocking:  the 19″ and the 18″ holiday stocking is our most popular size.

Christmas Stockings for Paula's Home Cooking Show

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

personalized stockings for Paula Dean Home Cooking Show

Today we are shipping set of our personalized Christmas stockings to FoodNetwork’s Paula’s Home Cooking Show. They are filming the Christmas show next week and we were so pleased they chose our burgundy velvet olive trim and tassel personalized Christmas stockings to decorate the set.  

Here is a quick picture. I hope they will like the stockings.

We need to take a look if Paula has some great recipes for for our Christmas Party Guide and Ideas page.

Update 4-30-2008 We have received feedback from Paula’s assistant. We are so excited about it we just have to share it!
“Thank you so much for the beautiful stockings!!! They looked fabulous,
and will be on the Paula’s Party show around Christmas!!!!
Thanks once again- You have the best stockings ever!!!!”

We are honored we have been chosen to provide Paula’s Home Cooking Show with our personalized Chrirmas stockings and are absolutely delighted those stockings were a success!

Blue Velvet Christmas Stockings – black & green also!

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I am currently at our European design studio working on finishing touches on our Royal Blue Velvet Christmas Stockings. Last year’s blue velvet stockings sold out so fast we needed to speed up our product design and development so we can introduce our luxury blue velvet stocking. black velvet stocking and green velvet stocking in addition to our burgundy velvet Christmas stocking which we introduced in 2007, so now this exquisite Christmas stocking will be available in burgundy, dark green, royal blue or black velvet editions.

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