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Embroidered Christmas Stockings

August 27th, 2011

It used to be that embroidered items were all done by hand.  It would take days to stitch a name on a Christmas stocking before the commercial embroidery machines were invented.

Embroidery by hand still remains a skillful craft of many ladies.  But since hand embroidery takes a lot of time and effort, Christmas stockings embroidered by hand would be very expensive. With commercial embroidery and applique machines, embroidered Christmas stockings became affordable and abundant.

Embroidered Christmas stockings can be absolutely stunning, especially when you get to touch and feel all kinds of different materials and textures the stockings are made from.  Commercial applique machines can cut and stitch so many patterns and fabrics together so the possibilities are endless.

Today, the embroidered Christmas stockings showcase various designs in many categories.

You will find different color schemes, such as girly pink Christmas stockings embroidered with applique designs on various themes, such as princess or pink Santa or bling bling with lots of gems and glitters.  Or blue Christmas stockings embroidered and appliequed with array of designs, as well as Christmas stockings in many other unusual but popular color schemes, such as silver, black, white or gold Christmas stockings.

You can also find baby’s first Chrismtas stockings embroidered with cute pink and baby blue applique designs celebrating arrivel of that bundle of joy and embroidered with baby’s name or even a birth year.

Occupation or hobby Christmas stockings are also very popular.  Those would show off an embroidered applique, such as fishing Christmas stocking or a military Christmas stocking embroidered with a patch or a complete image.

embroidered applique christmas stockings Most embroidered Christmas stockings are aimed at kids, since kids love to have a themed Christmas stocking with their favorite character, such as Disney Christmas stockings… you will probably find just about one or more Christmas stockings for each popular movie hero and celebrity.  The more luxurious Christmas stockings are embroidered, rather than just printed.  Some of the most popular and everlasting designs are Santa, Snowman and Rudolph Christmas stockings or Christmas stockings embroidered with snowflake appliques.

Pet Christmas stockings embroidered with applique of your favorite cat or a dog, personalized with pet’s name are also available in many designs.

While on the subject of high end luxury, the embroidered applique definitely falls into that category.  You can find adult Christmas stockings made from gorgeous materials and embroidered with names.  The personalization in embroidery gives that luxury stocking that final touch – like a crowning jewel.  Buying a luxury Christmas stocking just begs to have that stocking personalized with names or intials.  Besides it being a practical thing, so each family member would be able to identify their stocking, those embroidered names give each Christmas stocking the ultimate touch of class.

Even if you purchase just a simple red and white Christmas stocking, embroidered names elevate it to the class of “classy”.

No matter what your taste or budget in the Christmas decor, no matter what your preferred color theme for your holiday design, an embroidered Christmas stocking has it’s place.  Those stockings will be a crowning jewel of that decor and focal point in your living room.

The Rewards of Getting Personalized Stockings

August 20th, 2011

Is Getting Personalized Christmas Stockings Worthwhile?

Personalizing a Christmas stocking takes some research and effort but the rewards are awesome.

During Christmas holidays all the stores are stocked with Christmas decorations.  Christmas stockings are part of this great display.  However most stores do not offer those Christmas stockings personalized.

One of the reasons for that is because personalizing any items requires skilled craftsman who would master that particular craft of engraving the names or initials on the holiday items.

Thus you need to look for specialty stores that are experts in transforming everyday items into personalized masterpieces.  It’s not like you can walk into any store and get a personalized Christmas stocking even during holidays.


Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings

So it requires some effort to put personalized Christmas stocking set together.  If you do find a set of your favorite Christmas stockings, which you love in a regular retail store or a department store, then you may want to buy your Christmas stocking in a regular store and then find a local embroidery shop and ask them if they can personalize your Christmas stockings on their embroidery machines.  Sometime the embroidery shop will do that for you and they usually charge pretty penny, often times you would pay more for the customizing of your stocking that you paid for the stocking.  The shop will also tell you that they cannot guarantee their work because you brought in your own items so if anything happens during the customizing process and your item gets damaged, the loss is your responsibility.  Some shops, which specialize in embroidery will not embroider on items brought by the customers because of the possible liability in case the item gets damaged.

So your best bet is to locate a shop, which specializes in personalized Christmas stockings.  Those companies are experts in putting names or initials on the specific Christmas stockings they sell.  Embroidering on any garment, stocking, fabric, shirt takes certain amount of experimenting before you get all the aspects of customizing that item in totally perfect way.  In such process a bunch of items gets ruined at first but the embroidery shop then ends up with a perfectly embroidered personalized Christmas stockings.  If you purchase your stockings from such specialty shop, you would certainly be pleased.

One of the issues you may face is that you may not be able to find a custom embroidery shop that specialized in personalized Christmas stockings locally.  So your next best thing is to do catalog shopping or buy your personalized Christmas stockings online.  One drawback of buying from catalog or online merchants is that you cannot see the Christmas stocking in person.  Sometimes pictures of the item may look slightly different than they look in person.  This may be because your computer monitor brightness and color may be slightly adjusted away from standard settings.  If you are really particular about color schemes and what the item looks like in person, you may need to see if the online or catalog merchant offers to ship you blank items first so you can preview them and then you would just pay for shipping both ways, return the items and switch it for a personalized stockings.

We have just started uploading videos of our personalized Christmas stockings so you would be able to preview the stockings in most complete way before you make your purchasing decision.


As you can see getting personalized Christmas stockings for you and your family may become quite a project.  It requires advanced planning and some research.  The good news is that there are many stores online which specialize in Christmas stockings and some, like us, can take your order online and ship it to you in 24 or 48 hours tops.  Expedited and express shipping options further make it possible for you to get your personalized stockings in no time.

There is a big difference between plain stocking and a Christmas stocking with your name on it.  Plain Christmas stocking is just a wrap for some stocking stuffers.  A Christmas stocking with a name becomes an awesome part of your holiday decor, sometimes even a crowning jewel of your holiday living room decor.  You can stuff the stockings in advance and just watch your kids beaming with anticipation of Christmas Eve or Christmas day so they can dive into those stockings and discover the goodies they hold.  Tastefully embroidered Christmas stockings on your fireplace mantle, windowsill or wall are a focal point for your holiday visitors.

You may just hear: “These are gorgeous stockings, where did you get those?”

Anthony, why are you picking on Paula Deen?

August 19th, 2011

We just picked up something of concern on the news today.

Anthony Bourdain recently sat down with TV Guide Magazine, and the No Reservations star didn’t pull any punches when it came to talking about fellow food personalities. A few key quotes:

On Paula Deen: “The worst, most dangerous person to America is clearly Paula Deen. She revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and she’s proud of the fact that her food is f**** bad for you [...] plus, her food su***.”

We felt as we had to chime in on this issue because we have had the tremendous pleasure working with Paula and her staff.

A couple season’s back …

Personalized Stockings for Paula Deen Show

… we have had the honor supplying personalized Christmas stockings for Paula’s Home Cooking Show and the pleasure was all ours, Paula’s team was just beaming with kindness and love.  Paula would never hurt a fly.  That’s why it is so strange that Anthony would choose to pick on such gracious and kind lady and her team.  We love Paula’s Southern Cooking but more than that, we love who Paula is and she does not deserve to be called these names.
What Anthony calls connections with “evil corporations” are actually wholehearted efforts to help families in need.  Paula’s words perhaps characterize it the best:
“I wake up every morning happy for where I am in life. It’s not all about the cooking, but the fact that I can contribute by using my influence to help people all over the country. In the last two years, my partners and I have fed more than 10 million hungry people by bringing meat to food banks.”
In our other division where we create custom ornaments for Christmas fundraisers, we work with lot of Charitable Organizations who help people in need.  Anthony, you would be surprised because those you call “evil corporations” are actually real people, like you and I sharing what little or lot they have with other folks in need.


Why are you the biggest fan of Christmas contest – Deadline August 25

August 16th, 2011

While surfing web scouting what’s new in Christmas Stocking related world, we came across a contest our visitors might enjoy.  The time is running out though, so let’s get to it!


Submission deadline: 12:00 PM PT on August 25. 2011



Grand Prize Winner Receives:
Trip for four (4) to go to the movie premiere of Arthur Christmas for two days/two nights (includes roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations and transportation to/from hotel)
4 Tickets to the movie premiere of Arthur Christmas

8 (eight) Finalists each recieves:
$300 Sony Style Giftcard

Do you spread holiday cheer all year round? Or do you eagerly anticipate the beginning of the holiday season? If so, then you could win a trip for four (4) to attend the premiere of Arthur Christmas in November. Just submit a video of yourself telling us in :60 seconds or less the answer to the following question:

Why are you the biggest fan of Christmas?

To enter, please go to

Baby’s First Christmas Personalized Gift Ideas.

August 9th, 2011

Baby's First Christmas

If you are looking for some gift ideas for Baby’s first Christmas, you can take a look at some favorite things you can make, purchase or find.

First make sure that you have something cute to put all those baby’s fist Christmas gifts into. You can get a Baby’s First Christmas Stocking – make sure to have it personalized. Baby’s first Christmas Stockings could become a treasured possession for years to come and can be passed down from one generation to another. There are so many cute stockings on the market. The favorite color choices and designs for Baby’s First Christmas are either blue stockings for the boys or pink ones for the baby girls. If you personalize those Christmas stockings with the baby’s first name and a year, it’s sure to be a hit and a family heirloom.


Now what to put into the Baby’s 1st Christmas stocking?


Baby’s First Christmas Photo Ornaments with baby’s pictures are also considered unique and appreciated gifts. It’s a nice tradition to start a collection of ornaments for your child when he is a baby, and add one each Christmas. You can get the baby’s picture and have it printed on the photo ornament or photo frame Christmas ornaments.


The first thing the baby will need is a super cute outfit for all those Christmas photos. You don’t need to spend lot of money, there are many cute, good quality baby Christmas outfits or Baby Santa Suits available in the stores during holidays.


Baby’s First Christmas Photo Album is another great idea. Once the parents and family members took the Christmas pictures of the cutie, you may want to put them into Baby’s Fist Christmas photo album. There are companies online that will print such album book from the digital pictures and mail it to you.


Baby’s First Christmas toys, such as plush animals and light up baby safe toys will make the little darling smile.


There are many possibilities to have everyday things personalized for the baby and use those as gifts. Personalized baby shirts, bibs, blankets, hats or even coats.


While gifting for baby’s first Christmas do not forget about baby’s parents. They may need a custom bag to carry all those baby things with them or a nice personalized t-shirt with some funny saying that relates to them becoming a new parent.


Baby first jewelry is also a very popular item. You may also add an accessory for the baby’s nursery room, such as Christmas mobile for baby’s crib, a pillow, a clock or a lamp that fit into the existing baby’s room decor.

Video Shopping for Personalized Christmas Stockings

August 7th, 2011


Video Shopping is probably the next best thing to seeing the product in person.  Shopping for Personalized Christmas Stockings is challenging enough.


First challenge is to find a store that has the right kind of Christmas Stocking that fit your holiday decor.

Most Christmas Stocking retailers do not embroider or personalize the Christmas Stockings so you might need to take your stockings to a specialty embroidery shop just to be told they do not embroider on items not bought in their store.

If you do ultimately find a merchant that carries Christmas stockings you like and embroiders personalized names or initials on the stockings they carry, it will probably be a specialty online store half way across the country or continent. So you are left with online shopping alternative.

There is a challenge to online shopping though:

Viewing those product pictures on your monitor….. the thought:
“I am hoping the Christmas stockings will turn out the same way they look online when I receive them…”
…..probably crossed your mind.

So we at Stocking Factory came up with a solution that will further enhance our shopper’s experience, adding a raw video of each Christmas stocking we personalize. It’s almost like being in our showroom and having the Christmas stocking in your hand.  We aim to set up the shopping video featuring each individual Christmas Stocking, including what it’s inside looks like.

We are concerned about the shopping pages loading fast so currently our videos are compressed as much as possible to make them buffer and play as fast as possible.  We know that once you start seriously Christmas Shopping, time is of an essence!

We hope you will enjoy the videos.  You can sample one of the product shopping videos here and then please check out our selection of Christmas Stockings.  We have over 100 different designs in stock and you will see videos added to each and every one of them as we produce them and deploy through our own YouTube Channels.


Visit our stores at : or our Yahoo store at and if you need help or have any questions feel free to call our friendly customer service at 800-761-XMAS

How to care for your Personalized Christmas Stockings – Stocking Storage

August 6th, 2011

At the end of the Christmas season it’s time to put your personalized Christmas Stockings away for the year.  The goal is to store them so when you take them out next Christmas season they would look like new and fresh as if you just bought them.  If your Christmas stockings have any stains or dirt on them, first clean them.  Use our recommended dry cleaning methods.

It is a good idea to protect your personalized Christmas stockings with plastic or paper that does not let any moisture through.  The main reason for protecting your Christmas stockings with waterproof material is that if the Christmas stocking gets moisture in it, it’s colors may run.  For example if the stocking is white and red, the white part of your Christmas stockings may acquire a red shade if it is stored against the red material. So it is better to be safe and place the stocking into a plastic bag or at least place pieces of paper between your stockings when you store them.

You want to store your personalized Christmas stockings as flat as possible so they do not wrinkle.  Placing a sheets of paper between them make a good buffer.  You can also place your Christmas stockings in zig-zag fashion so the stocking cuffs that are usually thicker are on top of  the foot of the stocking under or bellow it because than the whole storage is more balanced.

In general it is a good idea to store your Christmas stockings in a dry place away from any dust, dirt or other elements, such as mice or insects.

You can also place something that has a nice scent with your Christmas stockings and tree skirts and other Christmas decorations so when you take them out 11 months later, they will come out not only looking brand new but also smelling great!

If you take good care of your personalized Christmas stockings, you will get to enjoy them for many years and holiday seasons to come.  Usually personalized Christmas stockings have a heirloom quality so it is important that you take a few steps to protect them and store them with care.

If you have any questions or need help please use one of the links above to visit us at our website or call us toll free in USA 800-761-XMAS

How to get wrinkles out of your Personalized Christmas Stockings

August 4th, 2011
Personalized Christmas Stockings

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Your personalized Christmas stockings are most likely made from delicate materials such as velvet, organza, chiffon, satin, or other materials.  Since you cannot always be sure if the materials are synthetic or natural fiber,  the best way to press your Christmas stockings is to treat them as if they were made from the most delicate materials.

There is a special trick to get even the most delicate fabrics pressed.  It is quite simple.  Take a spray bottle and fill it with water.  Lightly spray the Christmas stocking with water so it it damp.  Find a cotton pillowcase.  Place the cotton pillowcase over the Christmas stocking.  Then set your iron for cotton temperature.  You can then iron the stocking.   The cotton pillowcase protects the finer materials that may be sensitive to higher temperatures from burning.  Also the fact that the stockings are dampened with water creates the steam, which in turn lowers the temperature while making the stockings flat.  If you are unsure if this method works safely, you should test it on the least conspicuous are of the stocking – for example the back side of your Christmas stocking may be suitable.


Iron press personalized Christmas stockings

Iron press personalized Christmas stockings

Another clever way to get your Christmas stockings pressed is to hang them in the bathroom when you are raking a hot shower.  This steams the stocking fabrics by infusing them with moisture.  Sometimes that process alone straightens out any wrinkles in the stocking and it may be enough for the stocking to look good.   If after the steaming process in the shower your Christmas stocking still needs more to look perfectly pressed and you do not want to use the iron and pillow case method, you may simply weigh the stocking with something heavy.  Place the stocking on a bed or table with a flat surface.  Put a pillowcase or a blanket or a sheet over your stocking.  Then place something heavy on top of the Christmas stocking.  For example you can use a big book or a box evenly loaded with heavy items.  The weight will dry press your stocking without damaging it’s materials.

How To Safely Clean your Personalized Christmas Stockings

August 4th, 2011


How to Clean your Christmas Stockings

How to Clean your Christmas Stockings

When you purchase personalized Christmas stockings for the whole family, they usually represent a significant portion of your Christmas decorating budget.  Since most Christmas stockings are personalized by embroidery process, they also have a sentimental value.  Most people want to hold on to their personalized stocking for many years to come.  If one Christmas stocking gets damaged or soiled, it is usually difficult to replace it because the specific store where you have purchased it no longer carriers it.  Christmas stores usually update and change their inventory of Christmas stockings every year so most likely you may not be able to find the exactly same Christmas stocking and have it personalized to replace the one lost or damaged.


Here are some useful care tips make your Christmas stockings last for many years:

The safest method to clean your stockings if they get dirty is to have them dry cleaned.  Our personalized Christmas stockings are usually made from delicate materials and fabrics so putting the stockings through a normal wash may damage them or ruin their colors as one fabric color may run into another.

If you do not have a dry cleaner in your area, you may want to try home dry cleaning methods.

There are dry cleaning spays and solutions available at your local supermarket.  One such dry cleaning method we found very effective is using Oxy Clean spray.

Fist test an area on the back side of your Christmas stocking, spray it and dab or rub with a white face cloth and let dry.  If the material of your Christmas stocking survived the test without any damage, then you can use the solution on front area of your Christmas stockings, which actually needs cleaning.

Photo Ornaments – New Designs Online

November 28th, 2010

Twelve new designs of  personalized photo ornaments were just launched on our site !  They make adorable Christmas cards or keepsakes or gifts for those who already have everything!  Take an advantage of our introductory sale and holiday specials for the best price.

Photo Ornaments

Photo Ornaments - New designs